Why You Should Get LASIK

Why You Should Get LASIK- girl with smiling eyes

If you are currently wearing contacts or glasses, have you thought about not being able to rely on an eye care center? As a former contact wearer, I had dailies. So every night I would throw out my contacts and start with a fresh pair the next morning. Wasteful? Sure, but it was the best option for my struggle with allergies. Camping was a struggle, getting my fingers clean enough in the morning to put fresh contacts in while my eyes and skin were already irritated. I always thought about how it would set me back post doomsday.

I came to a point that I could put contacts on my credit card, or an entire LASIK procedure. With my math the procedure would save me money over contacts in five years. Here is why I think you should get LASIK if you have contacts or glasses right now.

  1. It is less irritating. While the initial surgery will take a week or so of recovery, your eyes feel like brand new. I used to suffer from eye irritation and irritated skin around my eyes, but have not had hardly any problems since LASIK. Especially for people with allergies it is a wonderful feeling.
  2. You become more independent. Regardless if the end of the world happens or not, your routine of ordering contacts and cleaning glasses is not the most effective use of time or resources. You aren’t free to spend the night elsewhere without your contact case. And trust me when I say camping is 10 times cleaner and more fun.
  3. There is less waste. No contact boxes, no plastic holders, no eye rinse solution. While glasses are less wasteful, they still require cleaning and keeping track of.
  4. The investment is worth it. I try and remain grateful that I can wake up and see, that there is one less time consuming ritual to do in the morning, but it has become so engrained in my life. Of course I am grateful I can see, and I plan to keep good care of my eyes for years to come. It is a specialized craft to practice and understand optometry. Let’s not be totally reliant on those who have dedicated years to the practice.

What reasons are there for not correcting eye sight? Fear of lasers near the eyes? That might be a necessary fear to face.

If you’re interested in high quality LASIK, I recommend TLC Eye Surgery. Highly qualified with a comforting office and waiting room, they have locations all across the US and Canada and offer a life time guarantee. Going in for a consultation can’t hurt anything and at least shows you your options. Let them know Amy Dunnewald sent you and comment below with your thoughts / experiences.