What Is Aggrandizing and Why Is It important?

Cities exist because our ancestors knew how to aggrandize

To aggrandize is referred to as:

  1. to widen in scope; increase in size or intensity; enlarge; extend.
  2. to make great or greater in power, wealth, rank, or honor.
  3. to make (something) appear greater.


In Anthropology studies, this can be simplified to a person building stores and accumulating goods. Our ancestor who had the most food had aggrandized a certain amount of leverage with his fellow tribesman. He therefore appeared wealthy and ranked higher. Once agriculture was invented, you can imagine the amount of power this gave to humans. Once food was aggrandized, special items could be coveted and revered, such as jewels and art.

Why is aggrandizing important for the apocalypse?

Aggrandizing was critical in every society and start to civilization. A tiered hierarchy could not happen until one was set to lead the rest. This usually became possible once one man hoarded his stores and created that leverage. This was also done through theocracy, but we’ll save that discussion for a later date.

Once a society falls, the same system sets it back into place. Evolutionary speaking, to be a leader you must aggrandize important things:

  • Knowledge. Having a knowledge base of what to do will be critical in times of disaster. People will be drawn towards those who can protect themselves and get out of a sticky situation. Knowledge of food foraging, making weapons, building shelter, getting clean water, all the survival skills to survive once society has collapsed.
  • Nonessentials. Unfortunately, our current society has a dependence on vices, yours truly included. And, once disaster hits, we are very likely to fall on our vices to cope and escape. If someone has accumulated stores of alcohol, cigarettes, weed, and even coffee, people will surely flock to her. In preparation for this concept specifically, Apocalyptic Training will be discussing vices, beer making basics, and more.
  • Tools and weapons. Nothing says “leader” like a few knives and guns, but protection is imperative to survival. And tools will help forage and aggrandize food, water, and other essentials. And as part of our independence and self-responsible search, let’s make sure we make our own tools.

Now, if you’re thinking, why does it matter to be a leader? Somebody else will do it. This isn’t the site for you. Not expecting others to protect you, or live your life for you is our goal here.

Knowing the line between aggrandizing and hoarding

Especially in the pre-apocalyptic world, simplicity is health. We only need what will get the job done, and especially don’t want materialistic attachments. When SHTF you want to only take essentials and your knowledge with you. Everything else needs to be made on the way. Don’t be a afraid of risk and losing it all.

For now, we can only be prepared and aggrandize knowledge.