3 Ideas about the Religious Apocalypse

religious apocalypse

Often times when people hear about this project, Apocalyptic Training, they think I am religious or have some religious agenda. I was confused at first. I always think of “post-apocalyptic” movies like Mad Max and Resident Evil. That’s why the name resonated with me.

What makes an Apocalypse Religious?

Sure enough, the first definition of “apocalypse” is: “the complete final destruction of the world, especially as described in the biblical book of Revelation.” However, the second definition is: “an event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale.” 1 Both definitions really got me thinking.

A- why did people assume this was a religious endeavor? I’ll point out these people don’t know me well enough and I am in the good habit of not discussing religious affiliations (or lack thereof).

B- a catastrophic or awesome scale can be so personal. Destruction is what you make of it, and when some things happen, others keep moving while others come to a grinding halt. Who is to say what is apocalyptic and what isn’t?

C- I haven’t read the book of Revelation, but I do know that our culture has partly come to adapt the word “apocalypse” in the media as a state of the world. The government collapsing can be an apocalypse, and failure of electricity and internet (*gasp!*), or a flu / ebola outbreak. What place does a religious apocalypse have in our globalized, heathenized society?

My Musings on these Religious Apocalypse Ideas

A- Religion is still more alive outside of my norm and household. The bible and these words still hold more meaning in ancient context than my millennial lifestyle and media consumption typically allow. How small minded of me…

B- As an example without getting too political, Trump being elected President is an apocalypse to some. Many. I don’t know, it’s hard to judge, I live in a progressive Colorado. To others, like my grandparents, the loss of the gold standard was an apocalypse. Damage to our economy on a awesome scale. Not so rad though!

Thus I created the Mobility for any Apocalypse post. This is an area I’d like to expand upon more, because one thing may happen to someone or to a family that is catastrophic and takes serious adjusting, while their next door neighbors don’t feel a thing. Or maybe a town or city collapses, but the rest of the world keeps turning. What does that say about our society? Should we care (what it says)?

C- Scientific evidence (and musings) definitely make an outbreak of a terrible disease seem more likely than demons coming up to Earth and the second coming of Jesus. Um, is the religious apocalypse also where all the good people are lifted out of their bodily forms and taken up to heaven? Or am I just thinking of an American Dad episode? (If you haven’t seen it, and love post-apocalyptic media, watch it.)

And part of this brings me back to (A), because there is more religion and religious context out there than I have exposure to. Perhaps a slightly deeper layer is that the state of our globalized society and lack of religious upbringing probably feels like a religious apocalypse to previous generations, and also Millennial Christians. I can only imagine how they feel as the world becomes more scientific, and the religious importance of ethics is left by the wayside.

Does “apocalypse” inspire religious connotations, or awesome and catastrophic damage visions?

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