The Most Important Tool

The Most Important Tool: Shoes

Whether society collapses, your car breaks down on the side of the road, or you are on a family camping trip, one tool will remain your best friend: shoes. You never know how important a good pair of shoes are until you don’t have them. They protect a valuable asset, and can be the difference between hiking 10 miles no problem, or having the worst day of your life.

Things to think about when you are choosing your staple pair of shoes:

  • Ankle support. Make sure they do what you want for hiking, running, sitting, whatever you plan on doing.
  • Comfort. They better not be a pair of shoes that feels like they never break in. Unless you’re into that sort of thing.
  • Sole support. If you pick them up and can bend them in half with your hands, they don’t have enough support for you, find something sturdier.
  • Durability. Will these last the test of time and hardship and weather? Are they winter and summer proof, or do you need two separate pairs to get the job done?
  • They should probably be waterproof, or water resistant at the very least.

What else is important when thinking of shoes? The military uses steel toed, that’s probably smart!

I have a pair of Solomon’s with thick soles and laces and a little bit of furry material lining the inside. I call them my “Zombie Stompers” and wear them winter, summer, fall, and spring. I hope they are the shoes I am wearing when the apocalypse hits.