The Importance of Training

you don't rise to the occasion, you fall to your training

Training is important, but it involves discipline. I think it gets a bad rap in our millennial culture. Not everyone struggles with discipline, of course. We are just in a tough age where it isn’t valued as it once was.

The Importance of Training… from a nerd

I’d say I had the average childhood in the 90s. Glued to a TV, forced to learn hobbies and often times to go outside. I always liked school, though. Homework was no problem, but there was no work ethic or physical labor aspect that developed me as a disciplined person.

A lot of kids had sports. However, my dad was a musician (he’s still alive, he just doesn’t play as much as he used to- therefore: was). Music was the most important thing for me and my sisters to be involved in. He required us all to be in marching band for one year. I thought, not bad, that still gives me three years to be a normal high school kid.

The opportunity arose (through my dad) to start marching band when I was in 8th grade middle school. This kicked off my nerdiness a year earlier than I wanted, but I thought, “hey, this will technically give me four years as a normal high school kid.” I ended up staying four years, until I was a junior (third year) in high school.

But band taught me many of the life lessons I carry today.

“Fun through excellence.”
“How to stand in unbearable hot or cold temperatures with massive drums slung over your shoulders.”
“How to march to the beat of my own drum, or with others- depending on the situation and what support you need.”

The discipline I learned in marching band carried me into weight and body training. I learned relatively early that mind over matter was fact.

The next level of training

Of course, having discipline and a mind for training is very helpful with staying healthy and physically fit. But as always, I wanted more. Don’t you want more?

The importance of training taught me how to spur learning initiatives, and learning in my adult life gave me new perspectives, conversation topics, confidence, and something to do. Apocalyptic Training, however, was a passion project to give me all the learning initiatives I could ever want. How do we survive on our own? How do we thrive with a failing government? With no money? With a lot of money? How do we set ourselves up for success no matter what the situation, and be ever-adapting human beings? Building inner and outer strength and trusting ourselves to be self-reliant and independent. This is the AT mission!

When I dream of a different, post-apocalyptic world, with different problems, differently culture, and different structure, I always saw myself being ready or something switching to where I was suddenly Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil with super human powers. But, that’s not reality.

The reality is the importance of training. When shit hits the fan, or even if it stays the same, you don’t rise to the occasion, you fall to your training.

That’s a saying at firefighting academy. Do you have the discipline?