5 Ways to Start Your Inner Strength Journey

Take a hike to find inner strength

When you talk about inner strength, sometimes it seems like a large chasm or rabbit hole to fall into, with no idea where to start or where it ends. There are a few simple ways to get started, but I will say I’m not sure there is an end. It is a journey that develops with you. Like facing fears, it gets easier.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. Choose what you like best and modify for you, because it is yourinner being that you are strengthening.

  • Journal. Reflect, ponder, or just pour a bit of soul onto the paper. Poetry, short stories, writing down what you ate or dreamt about last night. Whatever makes you feel better after writing it. Take note of that and build something off it.
  • Take a hard hike. Nothing can be more emotional than the fight up a mountain, but through that fight you learn about yourself and your will to finish. Not near a hard hike? Go for a long swim, trail run, do something outdoors that pushes you further than you are comfortable.
  • Do yoga. Yoga that puts you in uncomfortable poses and makes you breath through it. Breath is the flashlight in that rabbit hole.
  • Write a fear list. Explore your shadows, understand what is rational and what is not, discover what drives you.
  • Read a challenging book. An apocalyptic novel is always my favorite go-to, but something like The Fault In Our Stars will help you discover a new perspective on death. Call me morbid, but it’s a topic that is unfortunately glossed over and considered taboo in society. Take that for what you will.

What activities help you tap into yourself and strengthen your spirit, soul, and will? How often do you focus on and nourish your inner strength?