Squash your Squash


OK, so if you’ve met me you know I am not necessarily violent. Sure, I like shooting guns I am familiar with, splitting wood, using my machete. But I am just as comfortable crocheting, cooking (nonviolently), and petting my dog. But- there is this one thing.


Five years ago I had a thought. Much like Apocalyptic Training. One of those “maybe I shouldn’t have this thought” thoughts. I wanted to repurpose jack-o-lanterns and old pumpkins for fun. Rather than letting them rot on the front porch, or letting the frost claim their short life, why not go out with a bang? And thus, Squash your Squash was born.

It now has many names and references.
“Fruit Ninja but with Squash”
“Gallagher with a Pumpkin, not a Watermelon”
“The Pumpkin Purge”
My sister also went crazy with alliterations for our use in the third year: “Crush the crookneck!” “Pummel the Pumpkin” “Bash the Butternut!” “Smash the Spaghetti Squash!” You get the idea.

Despite incredible odds, this event has turned into a family and close friend gathering to be held every year between Halloween and Thanksgiving. And I am proud to announce the 5th annual Squash your Squash will be held Sunday November 13th at 1pm at my house in Frisco. BYOB, some leftover squash and pumpkins from Halloween, and any favorite weapons for demolishing said squash!

Goal for 6th annual: small donations made for philanthropy. Get out some rage and help a cause!