Weapons and Tools

Also known as “Get your Gear”

Just as it was imperative for man to make tools and use weapons in our evolution, so will it be crucial for us to do the same in the revolution. We may get to take some with us, we may need to make others. How do we self-sustain and use what is around us to live? We’ll have to get back in touch with our roots to discover a lot of this.

Weapons and tool and gear on a wooden table

Power of Weapons

Arming ourselves will probably be an inevitable hallmark of the apocalypse, and play a role in self-defense. Some of us will have to get over our fears of powerful weapons, and learn to harness that power. Others will have to decide which ones will not be carried into the apocalyptic age. I suspect this topic will receive heated and powerful discussion! Not all tools are physical; our knowledge and ability to adapt is a critical tool to survival whether the end of the world comes or not.

Let’s build and weaponize: