Inner Strength

Also known as, “The Will to Live”

I have talked to so many people that say, “If the apocalypse happens, who even wants to live?” They talk about dying in the first couple weeks, or even removing themselves from the world. What kind of will is this? How can the human species survive with such a disposition towards giving up?

Should we cultivate an inner strength, a power center inside of us that wishes to fight, wishes to live, then there is no reason to ask these questions. The questions become, “HOW can I survive? HOW can I live, even thrive?” This is another prime example of how training ourselves for the apocalypse improves our current lives. Rather than sink into depression and woe is me attitude, we can find the will to live and even gratitude for the blessings life provides.

Join me on this journey of inner strength, gratitude, and always finding the silver linings: