Food and Beverage

Also known as “Fuel Yourself”

Food and water are two of the most critical things during a disaster, because you will need them soon. It’s critical to know basics of finding food and water in whatever situation. Everything from foraging to gardening, and water rationing to purification. These two things are our life source, and an important area to dive deep into.

Why Food “and Beverage”, then? Because if the end of the world lasts long enough, we’ll need to know how to brew up other things for personal consumption and trade. Yes, I’m talking about beer and wine, but other things too! Beer was one of the first things man figured out how to make, and for good reason. We mustn’t overlook the stance it has played in human evolution and the economy.

Not to mention other consumable things. Herbs and alternative medicinal items will be important when we no longer have to rely on pharmaceutical companies and prescriptions. Why not break our dependency now?

Let’s figure out how to fuel ourselves under any circumstance: