The REAL Vitamin Water

Cup of Broth: The real vitamin water

I used to buy those sugar drinks, Vitamin Water, and other electrolyte waters when I was in high school. Then I read a couple studies about how processed, and, let’s be honest, just another water bottle to add to the dump.

I drink a LOT of water. Especially living in the high country, but I also sipped all day every day when I lived in Boulder and Denver. Turns out, you need some salt in your water to help your body absorb properly and not just flush out all the good stuff. For that, I do a shot of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) in my water. But that’s not what I’m talking about here.

The real vitamin water… is BROTH. Boiled goodness of veggies, marrow, whatever you choose. We’ve all been hearing about bone broth lately- if you make it yourself make sure to use organic bones, otherwise you’re boiling a lot of other crap into your broth. And the best thing about broth- it is the simplest to make! Just boil and strain. I like to add a cheese cloth or tea bag full of good spices: turmeric, salt, pepper, maybe some rosemary from the garden.


Maybe not as easy as wasteful plastic water bottles, the best way to store broth is in the freezer. Maybe not ideal for a post-apocalyptic world, but never bank on something when you can improve your life now. Turning broth into ice cubes is efficient and easy to use when you’re ready.

However, store-bought broth can be kept on a shelf until it is opened. Is this possible with homemade broth?


It’s nice to add to rice or pasta to add that extra vitamin punch. It’s also a great afternoon snack during a cleanse or detox or anytime. Chicken broth is also excellent to add to your dog’s water to keep them even more hydrated and nourished; plus they lap down a whole bowl like it’s their job!

Do you make broths? What’s your favorite kind and why?