Staying Organized as a Prepper

A Prepper Shelf: Staying Organized as a Prepper

In recent years, “preppers” has become a household term. Due to the TV show or rise of popularity of zombie movies, or whatever the reason is, more and more people know what it means to be a prepper. However, there is a fine line between hoarding and being prepared.

Tips to Staying Organized as a Prepper

Simplicity is important for a clear head, organized space, happy living, and reducing anxiety. Something a prepper should keep in mind when aggrandizing.

Thinking, ‘I could use this if things got bad’ and keeping the item can be a tricky area. With spring cleaning in mind, here are tips to keep your belongings tight and organized.

  1. Think about what would really come in handy in bad situations. Do you really need two maps? Do you need cans of soup you don’t even like? Ask the hard questions.
  2. Have a designated “Prepper Station”. Mine is the bottom shelf of a pantry in the kitchen. Sure, I keep my GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge Bag) and gun in my room, but this is for kitchen essentials and cleaning / sanitizing items. It’s all in one spot, easy to go through, and one day I’ll fit it in my bunker. Which brings us to the next point.
  3. People will think of cool bunkers and storage sheds when they think of “prepper”. You don’t have to have a bunker to be prepared for economic or viral disaster, but if you do: use the space wisely. Do you want a panic room you rarely go into? Where the food is spoiled but you don’t even know? Double it as your wine cellar, use it as a pantry that you replenish often, keep a workout bench there and make it double as a workout space. And, most importantly, keep it clean and a space you like to be in!
  4. Combine your camping and GOOD stuff. This happened for me with my most recent organization. Why should I have my crappy old headlamp and poor quality things in my GOOD bag when I can use the same bag for camping and if an apocalypse happens?? I want the best quality for both occasions!

What are other organizational ideas to keep your possessions tidy and embrace simplicity and preparation at the same time?