Nature’s Antiseptic (and Bandaid)

Dirt: natural antiseptic and bandaid

A Natural Antiseptic, that’s free!

You’re out in the woods, it’s getting dark, you trip on a root and fall on a sharp rock. You feel a sharp pain and look down at your leg. In the moonlight you see you have a four inch long gash with a lot of blood on your outer thigh. What I’m going to talk about today is not for you; go to the hospital or seek a wound specialist immediately.

Now, let’s say you’re walking in the woods, and scrape your outer thigh on a branch. It’s sharp, but you look and it’s about an inch and just a little blood surfaced. This is a good situation for the best natural antiseptic / bandaid: dirt.

God made dirt, and dirt don’t hurt.

It can even be good. Rubbing dirt in a small scrape can cover it for protection and provide healing properties.

During a recent rock climbing day I had quite a few scrapes and cracked hands and decided to try rubbing dirt on all the patches and scratches. Not only did it get me through the day of climbing routes, the next day my skin was much softer and on a speedy track to recovery.

Dirt is also good for kids and adults to be immersed in. Don’t forget to go outside, and rub some dirt in it!

I googled some resources for you:
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