Making an Herbal Tincture

I’m one of those people that hates relying on things I can’t rely on. You know what I mean? Contacts were something I knew were an unreliable, expensive thing, so I got LASIK. Now the thing that is driving me crazy is allergy medicine. I need it too often. I want to get allergy shots, but my insurance isn’t the best for it right now. That got me thinking, well what do I have to do to wean off the antihistamines? What if I could make my own antihistamines? This research led me to herbal tinctures with antihistamine properties, but you can make them for anything that herbs can help fix (which is really just about any ailment).

What you need to make an herbal tincture

  • A glass jar with lid
  • Dried herbs containing herbal actions that benefit you and your specific health needs
  • Everclear
  • Vodka
  • Sharpie

How to make an herbal tincture

  • Fill the glass jar with the dried herbs half (1/2) to three quarters (3/4) full
  • Pour the Everclear and Vodka (to equal roughly 75% alcohol) over the dried herbs to completely fill the jar, soaking all the herbs
  • Mark the jar with the herb(s), date and expected finish date (see below)
  • Shake every day (several times a week) for six or more weeks
  • At the end of the six weeks, strain the mix through a cheese cloth and make sure to squeeze the herbs in the cloth into the tincture to extract any herbal benefits remaining
  • Enjoy the benefits!

Amy's First Herbal Tincture Attempt

I am in the middle of my first batch, so there will be a follow-up post with the results. For an antihistamine tincture I am using stinging nettle. I am also testing out a lemon balm tincture, which has nervine properties, calming the nervous system and having a positive effect on mood and memory, apparently.

Have you made tinctures before? If you haven’t, what kind of tincture would you be interested in making?