Keeping a Critter Free Living Space

Critter free living

I haven’t posted anything in just over a year! It went by so fast, but more on that later.

A few months ago I moved to Bend, Oregon. It’s growing quickly but it’s much smaller than Denver. I found a Craigslist month to month and landed on the SouthWest side. The whole town is setup by quadrants. So the SW side is closer to Mount Bachelor where everyone skis. That also lands close to a plethora of mountain biking trails, camping opportunities, Cascade Lakes for kayaking, SUPing, all that fun stuff.

Which also means, nature! And animals that live in nature! What I’m getting at is there was a mouse in my closet and it would come out at night and totally freak me out. My landlord that lived in the house recommended sticky traps and I bought them from Ace Hardware. That night I was Skyping with Reese and we talked through the merits of different mouse traps. This was my first exposure since college and I’d never had one in my room.

The most humane traps are the ones that catch the mice and then you let them out outside. Of course all they have to do is run back inside and munch on your dry goods in the pantry…

Critter free living, as humanely as possible

Sticky traps, if you do some research, are kind of terrifying. Mice will pull off their limbs to try to escape it. If they don’t they just scream and then you have to flip the trap over and stomp on them. BAH! #NoThankYou

Through my conversation with Reese, I landed on old school traps that snap down and kill the mouse as humanely as they can. Wildlife is a great part of the outdoors, but do not pay rent and are not allowed to eat my food. Mice: please stay out of my houses!

Because I am a bit of a hippy and definitely care about all life, I wanted to make sure the critters had a proper last meal and quick exit. I bought organic peanut butter, and even found “Quick Set” VICTOR mouse traps. They’re easier for squeamish people like me.

After I caught the very well fed mouse that had taken over my closet and room during the night, I set traps in the pantry downstairs. Checked them every morning, and reset as needed.

It struck me that I would NOT want to be dealing with critters of any sort during any apocalyptic setting~

Beyond carrying and spreading diseases, they eat your food and are loud and unsettling. We need to get the best sleep and they are not conducive to that.

All in all, I caught 13 mice in three months before I moved out. Meeting people in Bend it sounds like everyone has traps set in their garage, which is much better than in a room or indoor pantry. I recommend adding old school, or the Quick Set traps to your apocalyptic gear (if you don’t already have them set in your garage!) They are reusable and efficient. Or you could always use a cat! Reese and I are allergic…