Why Introverts Might Have a Better Chance at Surviving the Apocalypse

Before we delve into discussion, let’s make sure we are operating under the same basic definitions. The question of introvert / extrovert is not a discussion about how a person acts or interacts in a group of people, but rather how and where they draw their energy. Introverts recover and energize alone, perhaps in quiet spaces. Extroverts recharge by social situations often with louder noises. Discussion is more than welcome here, seeing as this is not an exact science, and, as with most things, there is a scale to this dichotomy. Ambiverts will lie comfortably in the middle, able to access either form of gathering energy.

Introverts are not inherently shy, either. Many times, when you see a shy person at a party, chances are they are an extrovert who actually feels uncomfortable because they so badly want to jump into the party and give it all they’ve got, but feel they shouldn’t. And often an introvert has practiced to overcome social anxiety or awkwardness and can be quite pleasant and versed in social situations.

Introverts and Extroverts in the Apocalypse

But here’s the thing. Will there be parties in the apocalypse? If there are, will they follow our current rules of social interaction? Our current society and work force favors extroverts because “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Marketing requires reaching out to all the people you can, business is planting seeds and building relationships with clients, customers, vendors, coworkers… We rely on others for income, and thus, survival. But place us in a world with old currency: trade and Do-It-Yourself knowledge, we enter a world where social interaction isn’t as crucial as our current society has favored.

At the end of days, it will more likely be about self-reliance and perseverance. We could possibly go days on end without seeing or dealing with other people, depending on the type of disaster or apocalypse. But, imagine it is the worst kind, where few people are left, and the pockets of people are violent. Introverts have the ability to retreat inward, and actually enjoy it. Without requiring other people around, you get to choose the people you do have around. In the apocalypse, that means being very picky about your tribe and reducing casualties or issues.

But luckily this world is not black and white, and there is always a spectrum. If an introvert can practice and appear like an extrovert at a party, an extrovert can find peace in solitude. But the practice should happen now. Please stop saying you are “afraid of being alone”- this just reinforces silliness you have made up.

What are some ways being extroverted would help after societal collapse? Perhaps once in a group, they are great for morale, getting outside and keeping spirits up. What else?