Historical Apocalypses | A Look at the End of the World Culturally

Historical Apocalypses: A Look Through the Past

As part of a bigger and important segment of Apocalyptic Training, let’s look at historical societal collapses and what they can teach us.

If history is doomed to repeat itself, what makes our current global situation special? For starters, the world has never had this much global communication, business and government dealings, technology and social media connecting far corners of the world. However, there is still war and disease, corruption, government and economic control, and the fact that we are not special. We have not evolved away from the ability to collapse, though we are at a much larger scale and population than ever before.

What Looking at Historical Apocalypses Can Teach Us

One of the mission statements behind this blog is to cultivate self responsibility to feel more confident that we could survive without the government and its control. By taking a look at these other societies and cultures that collapsed we learn about ourselves, what governments are capable of, what strokes of bad luck can befall us all, and perhaps a look at our future. Everything is a component of culture, and if you understand the culture you understand the fabric of our very being. I’ll list some cultures I would like to research and touch on, but comment below with your understanding, curiosity, and we’ll build a list we can delve into and research the very nature of human nature across the globe and our comically short past.

The Roman Empire
The Mayans
The Native Americans
The Vikings