Hatchets: The Best Tool for Utility and Weapon for Defense

Hatchet on a stump

Hatchets: Coming up with an ideal weapon for survival

Luckily I have family that appreciates topics I care to learn more about. As discussed in my blog about facing a fear of guns, weapons and tools are something I need to engage more with. To do so I need to ask the right, knowledgeable people. I asked my brother-in-law to help me with ideas about weapons and tools, and the first thing we talked about was hatchets. We talked about why hatchets were so cool. They are a wonderful dual purpose item.

Why Hatchets are Essential to Your Gear Collection

  • They are small and easy to carry and / or hide
  • You can chop a tree and split wood to get firewood, or even build a shelter
  • You can throw it (not as easily as a knife, but better than an axe)
  • The butt end can be used as a hammer
  • They are beneficial in close combat (versus, for example, a gun that is best for distance)

What other weapons serve as tools and vice versa? What’s your recommendation for the best hatchet?