Barcelona Traffic- mobility in the modern day

Mobility for any Apocalypse

The apocalypse is such a grand term, but on a scale it can be anything from a personal apocalypse, a family crisis, a neighborhood crumbling, a city collapsing, a nation in ruins, to a global shut down. Often, it isn’t the grand Mad Max style we tend to think of, it’s more of a shift.

In a bug-out situation, which we at Apocalyptic Training like to call GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge), having mobility is important.

In a personal apocalypse, that might mean finding out that termites have ate away at your house for decades. This actually happened to my parents a few years ago- in Colorado- we didn’t even know termites were an issue in this dry climate. What is an example of that mobility? With their resources spent on fixing their house, they moved to the basement while workers cleaned house upstairs. My dad setup a propane stove on a table and called it their kitchen. My mom fixed laundry baskets next to their bedside and called it their dresser.

Having funds to move for more personal and family oriented crises is a great way to find freedom. Moving closer to a hospital for a sick child, relocating to a job that makes your spouse happier and less stressed, all things give us freedom to move.

What is your personal apocalypse?

My own personal apocalypse recently is the travel bug. Needing to get out of my typical living situation to explore. Anything from camping to hopping on a plane, that requires movement.

For camping, we have a bed setup in the back of the truck. We also have my camping crate that is ready to GOOD with the essentials. Packing has nearly become a thing of the past.

Thinking about travel and going farther from my cabin, means saving money and working more to build that adventure fund.

Scale of Apocalypse Mobility

I think it helps to think about your own personal apocalypse and needs before planning out end of the world scenarios and bunkers. While understanding the state of the nation and global economy is very important, let’s not waste our lives in fear when we can be improving ourselves first. Your mobility might mean losing weight to move faster. It might be getting a bike so you can rely on your car less. The solutions can be one in the same.

What mobility do you require in life right now? Do you have short term and long term apocalyptic goals?