The Four Letter Word and It’s Ugly Sister

Dead tree at night time

Fear and Death

have no place on the taboo list. An unpopular notion I am sure since it is so commonplace in our society to shove them under the rug, or shush people who bring up these topics. I have proven a frustrating party guest trying to push through this taboo.

Fear is OK

Since starting Apocalyptic Training, I have heard a wealth of opinion on fear. Fear is weakness. Fear is caution. Fear is motivation. If you have it, you’re already dead. Whether or not I believe these different statements, I think we’d all be better off accepting that fear is present. We all have fear and if you say you don’t, you must have a fear of what other people think. I think we should be OK with our fears. Understanding them helps us face them.

No more Shame Death

My partner, Reese, took a Death class in college. The prof talked about how there used to be “Thy Death” culture- where people were proud of death and it was seen as the highest victory (Valhalla, anyone?) Now, we live in a “Shame Death” culture, where death means you did something wrong. Your sickness was wrong, your old age was wrong. Why though? We all must experience death so how could it be so shameful?

I wish we could strike “fear and death” from the taboo list and learn the importance of talking about them.

I was at a party (with mostly close friends) once, and casually mentioned my dog was going to die. A friend of an old business partner (who is a nurse, I think I’ll add), exclaimed “No!” I said, oh yes she is, and so are you and so am I and so is everyone. Maybe the sooner we realize and can admit to that, the quicker we can get to enjoying ourselves and this life. I was not a popular person at that party, but I didn’t let death, nor fear of death, cloud my evening.