Fire Building Methods


Obviously there are many, many ways to build a fire. This post is more about best practices and getting started with camping.

Basic Fire Building Methods

The Number One Rule to Fire Pits and Camping Sites

Leave it better than you found it.


Components to the Fire Pit

How do you leave it better?

  • Pick up trash, beer cans/bottles, anything that is not a part of nature in and around your fire pit.
  • Shovel out ashes from the middle. Don’t have a shovel? Use some rocks!
  • Build up rocks around the ring.

Once you have a fire pit fixed up, wood collecting.

What you need before starting the fire: the fire triangle


Kindle: pine needles, wood shavings, twigs, etc.
Wood: dry, chopped wood ready to fuel the fire.


Matches, lighters, magnesium and flint. Two sticks rubbed together if you’re going old school!


If you cut off one of these sources from the fire triangle, the fire goes out.

The two fire building methods to get you started

  1. The pyramid. Stacking your chopped wood into a tee-pee or pyramid shape with the kindle in the middle, this is an iconic campfire.
  2. The log cabin. Think lincoln logs: two chopped pieces of wood on the ground, and two more perpendicular stacked on top. Tried and true, my personal favorite.