The Fool Proof Way to clean up Blood (and red wine)

Wine spill about to happen

Whether it’s on your clothes or the carpet, being able to remove either of these items is definitely a modern survival skill (especially if you’re renting, or you borrow clothes).

All you need:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide (wonderful household item for a survivalist!)
  • Soap. I have had success with dish soap, castile soap, it doesn’t really matter.
  • Warm water if your spill is on carpet.
  • A clean rag or cotton squares.

I typically use a rag on carpet, and cotton squares on clothing. Using equal parts, dab the spill (you want to remove it gently, not spread it in and around!)

Some spills might require a round 2. You want to address the spill as soon as possible and before you wash the item of clothing. I once had a wine spill in an apartment that took three weeks to remove; patience is a virtue.

It works every time!

Do you know any other tricks to clean up blood and red wine?