The Basics of Bugging In vs Bugging Out

Bugging in vs bugging out- cabin in the woods

If you’ve read survival blogs, you probably have an understanding of the terms bugging and bugging out. But for those of us who are just entering this prepared world, what the hell are they?

Bugging in VS Bugging Out

When we think of apocalypse, it’s easy to think of a world-wide collapse or flu that wipes out 90% of the population and changes our world forever. However, it is much more likely there would be a situation that would require us to stay inside for a few days. Something like a temporary government shut down, an impending but not devastating sickness, an environmental threat to your area, etc. These temporary issues would require bugging in. Staying inside your house, perhaps without your typical amenities, such as hot water on tap for showers and sanitizing. This is when “prepping” or “convenience shopping” comes in handy. So rather than buying a bunch of stuff in bulk for a temp disaster that you are never going to eat anyway and all expires, buy extra of what you already eat and enjoy for sustenance. It requires a little more money up front, but once you start this habit, you always have a bit extra of the things you enjoy.

Peace of mind.

Example: our dog is always going to eat, so we bought an extra bag of dog food once, now as she runs out of one bag, we buy another one (just like we did before), meaning she always has six weeks or more of dog food on hand.

There are advantages and techniques to bugging in, but we’ll get more into that later. For now,

What is bugging out?

Bugging out would derive from a situation where it is not safe to stay home. The situation might be different for different people, so it is important that you have discussed with your family that breaking point, avoiding argument in a heated moment. It is whatever is bad enough for you to say, “It’s time to get out of dodge.” Having a getaway vehicle ready is smart. If there is an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse), keep in mind anything with a computer will not run. If the getaway vehicle is a car, avoid highways and congested city streets. A bicycle is great, because it doesn’t require much maintenance and you power it. Just be cautious of how far you need to go.

Which brings us to your bug-out location. I’ve listened to podcasts, read books and other blogs, and it makes the most sense to me to have your safe location within a few hours from your permanent home. Living in New York City and expecting your bug-out location to be your family’s summer home in California doesn’t do you much good.

Take Away Points

When thinking of bugging in vs bugging out,

  • Do your research.
  • Talk with your family and have an idea of disaster triggers.
  • Convenience shopping is an organized way to prepare your house.
  • Don’t forget pet food!

Do you have a bug-out destination for your family? What ways do you prepare for bugging in?