At Apocalyptic Training, thinking about the end of days is more than just pop culture or a morbid outlook. We believe that by being ready for anything, you can live a better life now. Cultivating a strong will to live and preparedness for the worst possible situation can give you the confidence in your everyday life to take charge and be completely responsible for your self. If we are all independent and strong willed individuals with discipline and a sense of what to do, we stand a chance. Through facing fears and discovering our own inner strength, we can stand tall.

Ready or not, Apocalyptic Training is here

It is our mission at Apocalyptic Training to cultivate these values in people today, regardless if the apocalypse comes or not. Interested in helping the mission? Join our Facebook group, submit an application to contribute, or sign up for the bootcamp. We can’t wait for you to join and be ready.

We are not your average prepper or survivalist blog; we look at inner and outer strength, history and culture, and have a modern / millennial edge. We learn from our grandparents and parents and fight to be relevant and more badass in our lifetime.