3 Ways to Ease Into Minimalism

a minimalist desk

As I have been devouring all things knowledge, strength, and self-reliance, putting things into practice can often harbor a challenge. I learn something exciting, and am immediately digesting the next topic of research. But I ran into something recently that I knew I had to be proactive with. (P.S. I think that’s why I haven’t been as active writing posts for this blog. Sometimes you just need to learn and digest, taking a step back from the original mission to discover valuable things about yourself…)

Minimalism, tiny homes, not buying into the consumerist mindset that leads to clutter, shit you don’t need, health issues, and debt. When you are looking at these things from a place that has not previously been mindful, “slashing and burning” as I call it, can be a daunting task. I do find this topic crucial to the discussion of the apocalypse and remaining mobile.

Here are my three steps to ease into minimalism that I just used to launch me into a more mindful consumer state.

  1. Clean your car. Get everything out of there that you don’t need on your daily commute. Trash, bottles, dog treats, anything that clutters the area and clouds your mind. Some things you might keep in there from a survivalist standpoint? Extra wiper fluid, a sleeping bag, a pot to convert snow to water if you ever get stuck or trapped in traffic. Mind you I live in a blistery tundra of the high country of Colorado, this list will vary based on your climate and typical conundrums you might face.
  2. Clean your purse and / or wallet. Throw away coupons you clearly aren’t going to use, that expired AAA card, the frequent flyer card to your local coffee shop stuck at eight drinks for the last several months… Only have things in there that are meaningful and useful. The rest is waste.
  3. Bring attention to your closet. I think this is the easiest area for you to look at each item and ask, “Does this bring me joy?” and maybe even, “Have I worn this in the last year?” I did two rounds of this, to really let how I felt soak in. I decreased my wardrobe by about 70%, and I didn’t have what I considered to be a lot before that. Now I know each item in the dresser and know it will get appropriate use.

After you ease in with these three (totally doable!) areas, let it all soak in and start to notice the THINGS in your life. Maybe you’ll get as excited as me and my partner Reese did and comb through your entire house and “slash and burn” and judge every item you own’s place in your life. Or maybe you’ll stop there and still be more mobile for whatever comes your way. Of course, staying organized is key!

What are other ways to practice minimalism and de-clutter in your life?